USM budget cuts

Now, I'm not here to badmouth USM because I love it here, I'm just here to question some of the "budget cuts" that have occurred on campus these past few months. First off, I am a student of Latin, and it irks me that German and Latin have been cut even though classes have been filled up this past semester. Maybe the numbers have decreased some over the past few years, but the numbers still show that people want to learn these languages. Philosophy and Religion are pretty important subjects too, I think. If we cut Religion, how are we to enlighten people to the other religions out there? Let's face it, Mississippi isn't know to be the most tolerant state, and without this course we may remain to be know for that. And let me tell you, as a former Philsophy student myself, I can truthfully say that Philosophy is very important because it teaches some to read between the lines and to think in-depth about a subject. Now, I know very little on the workings of a university, but it does seem strange that we can afford this brand new parking garage that's supposed to be finished next year when we don;t have any money. Maybe that's why we have no money, I don't know. If they'd really like to save some money, they could always cut down on the amount of paper that's around campus, especially those pesky little flyers that are put on cars and all around campus around game day; I mean, seriously, if people can't figure out by now where their car is and is not supposed to be parked, then they should have it towed. Just sayin'. Once again, I'm not afficionado on the inner working of college, I'm just puttig my ideas out there.

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