JSTTT! (Jersey Shore to the Top!)

The cast of Jersey Shore
My title may sound crazy, but trust me, it still pertains to the University of Southern Mississippi (well, atleast for me!). Imagine this: it's midnight on a Thursday night, you're running on a few hours of sleep each night, and all you can think about is going home so you can crawl into your own bed and sleep for two days. Sadly, all that can't happen until you get the ridiculously crazy SCM 201 test out of the way, and studying for it is a MUST. Yeah, that was me two weeks ago. So what did you do, you ask? Well, I'll tell you: I watched Jersey Shore! Now, if you've never watched the show (I recommend it highly, as it's a life-changing experience), it's about a group of strangers who call themselves "Guidos" and "Guidettes" who stay in a house for a summer in either New Jersey or Miami (this season it was Miami). They're all "Italian," so apparently that gives them to right to act like bad-tempered cavemen (and that's on a good day!) Believe it or not, it helped me study! How so, you ask, bewildered. Easy: I was studying types of people, and each one of the Guidos and Guidettes fit into a category that I could easily remember for the test the next day. For example, (if you've never watched the show, the next part could be a little confusing) Jenni AKA JWoww is an imtimidating type of person who likes to fight and threaten people. Scary, huh? Anyway, in no time, I had attrubuted characteristics to all of the Jersey Shore folks, and was able to easily remember the types I was supposed to the next day! So kids, next time you're parents tell you TV isn't good for you, just throw out this example at them and they'll surely be "JWoww'd"!

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