It's been good, y'all

When I first signed up for LIS 201, I had no idea what to expect. I didn't even know it was an eight-week course until Dr. Welsh told us on the first day. When I first looked at the syllabi, I got a little scared. I mean, all that work in just a small amount of time? Did she think we had no life? Or maybe she thought we had eight arms like an octopus. But, as time progressed, I found that the class was extremely easy IF you did your work on time. Now, I'm not saying that I always did my work on time. Sure, there were some times I was frantically typing away at the computer (like now) trying to meet the deadline for an assignment. Yeah, I could've just sent it in late, but really, I wanted to get it over with. There were some days I hated the class, and other times when I wondered what this woman could teach me that I didn't already know; I'd had a computer since the age of six and trust me, I knew hw to use it. However, I was proved wrong: I had no idea how to some of the stuff that was being taught. Soon, something surprising happened: I started to enjoy the course. It also didn't hurt that I was making good grades on everything, either. In essence, I'd like to thank Dr. Welsh for teaching me a thing or two about information literacy. I really did learn a lot.

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